Zero volatility risk

The retailer is settled directly in his or her chosen currency, thus avoiding any risks related to holding or even exchanging cryptocurrency himself.


Zero crypto knowledge required

Since the merchant has no contact with cryptocurrency, any related technical knowledge are not needed.


Zero cryptocurrency related regulatory risks

The payment processed by MularPay and the exchange from cryptocurrency to local currency does not involve the retailer. We take care of the compliance so you, the retailer, don’t have to.


Real-Time Crypto-Settlement System

Our platform solves the problem of volatility. We propose the optimal coin price of the exchanges in real time to guarantee mutual trust between customer and merchant. Here, the merchant has the option to receive the exchange without fiat currency but into any crypto of it choice through the cryptocurrency setting.


Crypto-Payment Processor as a mediator

In a direct payment between a person paying with a cryptocurrency and a person receiving a payment, it is impossible to cancel or refund a transaction directly between a cryptocurrency wallet.

We are the crypto merchant processor for the locals!

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