Introduction of MP Token

* Value-added Services * Non-ICO Token * Free giveaways * No Private Funding *

What is MP Token?

MularPay Token (MP) is an official value-added services and privileges scheme based on MularPay payment gateway platform. The token is issued on Ethereum ERC 20 protocol and is a decentralized digital asset with total supply fixed at 1 billion. MP represents exclusive services and privileges on and can be used in multiple and diversified scenarios.


Use Case

Deducted as withdrawal fees

MP can be deducted directly with the same market value as merchant withdrawal fees.

Listing projects

MP coin can be used to pay for listing fees of other crypto coins & tokens to our platform.

Buy & Sell fees

Traders for buy or selling of bitcoins can get a discount when they pay their service fees with MP Coin.

Promotional campaign rights

MP holders will enjoy special rights for promotional campaigns on MularPay.

Service fees

All other service fees from MularPay can be reduce when you are a holder of MP coins.