Originally started as More Stamps Global - The crypto travel agency. After the launch of www.morestamps.global, the creators started www.mularpay.com and has since transformed into a crypto payment service for businesses across Eastern Europe and Africa. With currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more becoming exponentially popular across the globe, we are helping merchants expand their business and cater to more customers by accepting cryptocurrencies.

Unlike any other crypto payment service on the market, we offer the ability for businesses to accept different cryptocurrencies and tokens, and then receive payouts in their local currency. We take the complication out of accepting cryptocurrencies for every size business. With MularPay, business owners and their employees don’t need to understand cryptocurrencies, assume any additional risk or stay up to speed on any sort of compliance or regulations.

All of this is handled through our service and business owners simply offer acceptance of cryptocurrencies and tokens through an easy to use point-of-sale mobile application. By partnering with Mularpay.com small businesses have the opportunity to tap into an entirely new base of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts that are happy and willing to support crypto friendly business establishments.


We have solution for all kind of businesses who want to accept bitcoin payments.